Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why a Cover? 

A friend of mine recently celebrated her birthday at a local watering hole. This was the same night as the Skynyrd concert, so Jeff and I met up with her and the others after the show. When we arrived the "Blue Iguana", a place I'd not been to before, they stopped us at the door and asked for our ID's - an expected thing to do. So we gave them and then began to proceed in, but they stopped us again. "That'll be $7 each gentlemen." Oh, ok. Whatever. I figured they had a band going or something. But when we get in there, the two bouncers are guarding an empty stage. It's 11pm, well past starting time for a band. I ask if they had a band earlier. No, came the reply. I inquired about the cover then. There was no reason for it. The answer I got back stunned me. "Well, we are having 75 cent domestic bottles." So, in order to afford to have a drink special, you charge a cover? That's a little sketchy. I had two beers before leaving, which means, plus tip, I paid about $10.50 for two Miller Lites. Ladies and gentlemen - do not go to the Blue Iguana at Sheffield and Wellington. It sucks. Oh, and happy birthday to Julia.

Friday night was a lot more fun and far cheaper. Yael and I joined Leigh (Jeff's girlfriend) at Johnny's Icehouse to watch Jeff's team trounce their opponent in hockey, 13-1, two goals of which were Jeff's, from defense. We hung out there afterwards at the little tavern in the rink and had a celebratory drink before heading out. Whoever heard of such a hockey score?! Now the 4th weekend has officially begun and the neighborhood sounds like a war zone. Mortars are exploding fairly regularly, along with the machine gun shots of firecrackers. Though, in my neighborhood, you never know, it might not be fireworks. Actually, it's not that bad, but there was that one time...

Church early tomorrow; the boss lady is out of town on vacation, so I don't think I have to do anything, unless it's pinch hit. I should probably still go to both services, just to be a presence so folks get as much time seeing me around as possible. Grrr...8am...



Yeah - covers for "atmosphere" or drink specials are pretty much a one-way ticket somewhere else where I'm concerned. There are some places around here that charge a cover if you're under 21 - the premise, I guess, is that you can't buy alcohol and so the place needs to make some money off of you, but charging folks of legal drinking age for the privilege of paying to drink is just wrong.

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