Friday, October 29, 2004


Tomorrow evening, I leave for "the Plunge" and will join my team in Seattle, WA for a 12-day stint at St. Thomas Episcopal Church (Medina) and All Saints Episcopal Church (Redmon). It seems they are ready for us and I am excited as well. I will be staying with the O'Neill family, so please keep them especially and all the members of these two congregations in your prayers. I am packed (mostly) and will finish up last minute things in the morning. Note to self: DO NOT FORGET YOUR MEDICATION!

For my reading material, I'll be taking Mary Catherine Hilkert's Naming Grace: Preaching and the Sacramental Imagination, Stephen King's The Stand, and finally, the blasted thing (kinda one of those things I need to read, but don't really want to).

And, while I am there, I will reach my one-year anniversary of blogging on November 4th. (Remember the 1st post.) This right here is my 320th posting, so that almost equals out to one post per day.

That's all for now. Time to go shave my head - gotta have a fresh cut before I go! I hope to blog while I am there, but will be at the mercy of Mistress Time and Master Internet Availability. I have no laptop, so that option is no good. We'll see. Bon voyage!



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