Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Slingshoting Out of the Mesolithic Era 

Soon, at the office, we'll be getting out of the stone age! The call, "Hey, where'd we put the chisels?" shall no longer be heard!

The state of our office technology, as you've guessed by my last remark, is abyssmal. I am working on the Boss Man's personal laptop, he's working on his personal desktop, and if the Administrator and the Verger's computers crash 10 times a day, it's a good day. In order to print I have to email the Administrator the attached docs with a print request, and that's just annoying for the both of us. There is no WiFi at all, so parishioners cannot use personal laptops to access internet when here. Like I said, the Stone Age.

Well, no more! For the past months I've been working on the project of assessing our needs, finding a seller, and communicating to them what we need and in what price range. My Aunt works for a big hardware/software wholesale company who serves major institutions like NASA, ect. She turned me on to one of their top salesmen, with whom I've been working. Our major challenge was to get a site survey done with a WiFi Access Point to determine what kind of equipment was needed. That was accomplished last night, and favorably for us - we need less than we anticipated, which means dollars saved! Now, we're on to the easy part - getting the PCs and monitors. Our sales rep is checking the best prices for what we need, should get back to me within the week, and hopefully by the end of next week, we'll have computers!! Hooray!

Ok, ok, so not exactly what I think about when I think about priestly work, but the more I experience, the more I realize just how large an umbrella "priestly work" actually is.



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