Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Even Still, Respectable 

For the first time in franchise history, Forrest Gump did not end the season with a Championship. After being moved up a difficulty level to the Intermediate Division, we lost a few more games than we were accustomed to losing on account of the more competitive teams, but even so, we came in second place in the regular season. In the semi-final round we came away with a victory, 9-4. But we had no rest between the end of that game and the start of the Championship game. Already tired and against a very good team, we just could not get it going as a team. MT Pitchers beat us in the Finals, 9-1.

Despite that, I had the best offensive night I've had in a while, going 5-7 between the two games. But one cannot win a championship alone. The middle of the lineup was silent practically all night; Brennan, Jeremy, Big Brian - they could not buy a hit and we would often leave runners stranded and had more than our fair share of 3 up, 3 down half innings .

Even still though, losing in the championship round after being moved up a division, is respectable. I don't think anyone was upset and most will be returning next season to try again. We'll be losing Brennan to summer vacation, but that wasn't the big announcement of the night. We were all excited and pleased to hear that our third basewoman would only be playing half the season because she's pregnant! Congrats to Karen and Aron! They are a great couple and will make excellent parents - we're all rooting for ya!

Stick around though, cause Gump's not going anywhere!



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