Monday, May 07, 2007

Abuse of Power? 

So, there I am, on the way home from the gym this afternoon, going down the winding residential street when I notice the always disturbing sight of police lights behind me. I pull over, a little confused, as I was only going about 40mph. The officer approaches, and when he gets close to the back of my car I notice him reading the window sticker I have that says, "Episcopal Clergy". When he gets to my window he asks for my license, registration, and insurance card. I produce all three and say to him, appropriately submissively but equally inquisitively, "I was only going 40 mph?" I legitimately thought it was a 40mph zone. He replies, "45 when I clocked you. And all this is a 30mph zone." I must have looked confused, cause he added, "It switches to a 40mph zone right there, " he said, pointing just ahead, "but in here it's 30." I nod and apologize. He says ok, and that he'd be right back after checking some things out. Then he returns to his car. I see him notice my sticker again. When he comes back he says politely, "All of this checks out, so how bout we just call it even for today and you promise me you'll be more careful in the future." I accept this plan readily, thank him, and drive off.

All the while I'm on the way home wondering if the only reason I didn't get a ticket was because I had a little sticker that said "clergy". It could be. Or, he could just have been having a good day. I'll never know, but it left me feeling a little bit weird.



Where can I get one of these "stickers" as I am also clergy...

By Anonymous Brennan, at 12:58 AM  

It can work both ways. I've known clergy who have had cops tell them things like: "you should know better b/c you're clergy. what kind of example are you setting?" and they get a ticket...


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:45 PM  

When you croos from Skokie into Morton Grove, the speed changes from 35 to 25...at the bottom of the bridge that crosses the river. Yeah. Say it with me: Speed trap.

Anyway, I was pulled over and the same thing happened. I was clocked doing 40 (just over 35) in a 25. Oy. Veh. He saw my SWTS sticker, asked me where I served and charged me $15 for a municipal ticket and not $250 for reckless driving in Cook Co.

It is a completely strange feeling.

By Blogger Tripp Hudgins, at 6:23 PM  

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