Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lots of Work to Do 

We learned yesterday that the Boss Man's terminally ill aunt passed into the arms of her Savior. May her soul and the soul of all the faithful departed rest this day in peace and rise in glory.

The service will be on Saturday, outside of Chicago where she lived. This means that I'm it for this Sunday, and next Sunday too, cause he's scheduled to be out then for CREDO II (a clergy health and wellness conference). Basically, I have a lot of work to do, but if I take it one step at a time, it shouldn't be a problem. This coming Sunday is the Deanery Confirmation, so I need to make sure everything is in order for that as well. It is a lot of things to remember, but I am mindful that most of my colleagues do this all by themselves every week.

In more exciting news, there has been some energy generated around here recently for the creation of an additional worship service, one that would bear the epithet of contemporary.

Well, the first question is, what does that description actually signify? A popular answer aroun these parts is a couple of guitars playing 1970's Marantha Singers music. But that isn't exactly the direction we want to go. We want it to be truly contemporary, using the cutting edge of liturgical and musical ideas for worship. A tremendous amount of good things are coming out of England (in part because the church there really must reinvent itself or perish) and we're gonna be looking at them carefully, particularly the liturgical texts from the Common Worship volumes (the main volume of which is available online for full perusal and local liturgical use).

A little while back I purchased a copy of the Common Worship: Daily Prayer volume, and can I just say, I love it! I love the way it is laid out, the number of options it allows for and provides, the use of language and imagery, and generally just the whole thing. So, when I took a gander at the main volume, which includes the Eucharistic Prayers (A - H, in contemporary or traditional language, according to Order I or Order II!!!! Count the possibilities!!) it was no surprise to me that I wanted to go say Mass right away! Several of the Eucharistic Prayers are very responsory in style, really getting the congregation involved, in a similar was to 1979's Prayer C (the Star Wars prayer). I like that. I think a more "contemporary" worshipping body will like that, particularly younger families. The prayers are modern enough, but they accomplish this by blending modern imagery with ancient ideas and biblical themes in a seamless fashion. Ahh...I could go on and on.

Good stuff coming out of England, let me just say. Coming soon to a church near you (provided you're near to St. Mark's, Tampa)!



glad you're back!

and after reading all your recent posts on adult ed and the youth group and your responsibilities as the Boss goes away, I wonder if you could write sometime about what you wish you would have learned in seminary.

[this is for the selfish purpose of learning these things before I leave! :) ]

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