Monday, April 23, 2007

Excellent Weekend; Odds and Ends 

The weekend was a lot of fun - I hosted the Forrest Gump "End-of-Season" party at my house Friday night and (after a slow start) it turned out to be a blast. I think pretty much everyone had a good time. There was a ton of food! I had almost two whole hams left over from what I grilled, but my beef satay skewers got devoured instantly. Several people stayed over and trickled out at various points from the early to late morning the following day. There were no injuries.

Saturday afternoon I spent hanging out with Elise and my brothers (Trevor came up for the party and the weekend) - we hung out at Elise's pool and then went to Jimbo's BBQ. All in all a fantastic way to spend a lazy afternoon. We followed up dinner by watching Blood Diamond - a movie which I loved, but found extremely intense, disturbing, and altogether hard to get out of my head. This one probably goes on my list of movies that all American's should watch; it's up there with American History X. Seeing Blood Diamond makes me want to hurry up and get to reading Ishmael Beah's A Long Way Gone all the more.

Sunday was busy as usual, with church, seeing Trevor off, confirmation classes, and then the Boss Man and I split up to do a house blessing a piece! I had a good time blessing my good friends' Anthony and Keri-Rose's house, though. It was very meaningful to me as my first one. The Boss Man and I are both fairly tired today, but have managed to be productive, knocking out a Presiding/Preaching schedule through June!

Forrest Gump plays tonight at 8:30, and it'll be our first real test in the new, more competitive division, as the last (and only) game we've played in it so far was against another team that had also been moved up. So, wish us luck!



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