Monday, January 15, 2007

The Shellacking 

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me the pleasure and the honor of re-introducing to you a team that really needs no introduction: FOREST GUMP!

That's right, faithful readers, the Forest Gump softball team is back and better than ever. From humble and inauspicious beginnings as a thrown together team of free agents to the league champs in just one season, this astounding team won their first game of the new season tonight 21-6.

Sadly, some players have moved away and we will miss them, but we have found some fine replacements for them, my lil bro not the least among them. With some shifts in the fielding positions, Brennan (#3) took over at shortstop to great advantage. His defensive highlight of the game came when he fielded a hard hit ground ball, backhanded, and then threw out the other team's fastest runner at first. The ball hit my (shiny and new) glove with a distinctive POW and then I felt the runner's foot tag the base. The ump correctly called him "Out!" and the runner, who thought he would be safe easy was heard to have muttered, "Holy sh*&..." My defense at first base continues to improve; Allison (2B) and I finally turned our long awaited double play tonight!

Offensively, well, the score does a lot of talking. The bro went 4-4, with 7 RBIs (batting in the cleanup spot) and I, batting second, was 2-3 with 2 RBIs and a walk. Can I reiterate how I hate walking in softball?

We look forward to next week's game, so stay tuned for the post-game show, right here, pre-recorded.



I think the high today was finally double positive digits (as opposed to the high last week of minus 12).

I will never get used to the idea of softball in January ... or February ... and March is pushing it.

Congratulations on your first win.

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