Monday, January 29, 2007

Fish Where They Ought Not to Be 

Following a successful Annual Meeting yesterday afternoon, I was milling about the parish hall talking with several teenagers and parents and helping to clean up. Suddenly, two lads of about 6 and 3 came tearing out of the kitchen and up to me, tugging on my sleeve and pulling me in the general direction of the outdoors. Their excited declarations were almost unintelligible, but I did manage to discern that the source of their exuberance was a displaced fish.

Half walking, half being drug into the yard between the church and my house they pointed out to me exactly what they described. I was as surprised to discover such large marine life in a yard as I was that they had not employed boyish hyperbole, which was my first suspicion. There, lying in the grass with an eye plucked out was a recently deceased fish measuring no less than eight inches long and weighing close to two pounds. I could not tell what kind of fish it was.

In my shock, I asked them (as if they would know), "Where did it come from?!" Well, of course, one of them seemed, at least, to know. The younger of these lads proclaimed definitively, "It fell out of the tree!"

Upon further reflection, I suspect the boy was right. But prior to falling out of the tree, I hypothesize that the fish was in the beak of a large bird-of-prey, perhaps an osprey, when the bird lost what must have been a tenuous hold on such a large fish. Therefore, it fell from the sky, through the tree, and into my yard, much to the utter dismay of a 3 and 6 year old.

I'm not sure whether their mother was more shocked about the presence of the fish or the fact that I started to pick it up to toss in the dumpster. She protested and made me use a ziploc bag to grab hold of the thing, but I did eventually deposit it in the dumpster.



Gee, the girls and I missed all the excitement! And I thought the matchbox cars crashing into our feet was exciting!

BTW, does anyone out there have a copy of Peter Toon's (out of print) Justification and Sanctification? I have spent the last hour trying to find it and even websites that carry out of print books don't have it. I would like to borrow it (or buy it) from some kind-hearted theologian out there! My seminary library won't let me borrow it ... probably because I am out of state.


By Blogger MomP, at 3:09 PM  

i love those "lads"!! but i think your story about being abducted by aliens while i wasnt paying attention was much funnier. probably because i was there. :]

By Blogger , at 8:27 PM  

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