Sunday, December 03, 2006

Amazing Weekend 

And I mean that in every sense of the word: fun, astounding, memorable, astonishing.

Friday night we had movie night for the Youth Group on the new big screen HDTV someone kindly donated to us. We watched "Elf" which was funny enough, but after the movie was over, an enormous pillow fight erupted and it didn't take the kids long to discover how to gang up on ole Fr. Ryan. I held my own, though. One of the other adults there chuckled, "I'm pretty sure that this was covered in 'Safeguarding God's Children'!"

Saturday morning we had Diocesan Convention. The convention voted to do something downright silly that promises to have nothing less than some negative impact in the future. But hey, don't blame me, I didn't get a vote. I also heard that the Boss Man did well at his Bishop Walkabout interview things. Good/not good.

Saturday afternoon: WAKE FOREST WON THE ACC FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! WE'RE GOING TO THE ORANGE BOWL, BABY!!!!! Wake Forest is generally unsure how to play football in the month of January, so this should be interesting, but I think we will pose a fair threat to Louisville.

Saturday night was near-legendary. Not quite as legendary as other nights I've written about on here, but close. It was the softball team's cookout party and it was a blast. Everyone on the team is really cool and just all around fun people to hang out with. And I haven't played Flip-Cup in a looong time. We're gearing up for next season: the little bro has a spot on the team now, which was a great off-season addition. I'll soon be taking the glove expert on the team to Sport's Authority so she can help me get a more appropriate (read: one she likes better that's bigger than the baseball/softball hybrid I have now) glove. That'll be fun. Another of our members won't be able to play on account of a stupid work related move to NYC, so we were bummed by that news. We'll definitely miss both his bat and his glove. But hopefully the little bro can pick up the defensive slack at least, plus there's still a slim chance he won't have to go.

So, that's the news. The news that's fit to print, anyway.



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