Friday, November 10, 2006

God is Always Here 

Both the vigil service last night and the funeral service today (at the Methodist church) for the Boss Man's mother were very nice. Last night the church was full, the lights were dimmed and there were a lot of candles around. It was very haunting and beautiful. The Paschal candle was lit and front and center along with the cremains. I ended up presiding over the service. The Boss Man had told me to find a Presider among the clergy who showed up, but amidst finding readers, prayers of the people people, and another deacon to read the Gospel, I forgot to get a presider. Noting that there was nothing particularly priestly about the service, I decided to step up to the plate and the Boss Man told me he appreciated that a lot.

The sermon went very well I thought, and judging from the remarks made after the service and from the elicited "Amen!"'s it received mid-stride, it went over well with the congregation also. I spoke about her and my experiences, albeit limited, of her. I spoke about how we all knew that she was with Jesus and her husband and her Mom and Dad and all those who preceded her because we believed in the words proclaimed, "I am Resurrection and I am Life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, shall live. Do you believe this?" I repeated the question until the congregation took the cue. Then I talked about how her body which was so wracked with pain and cancer is wiped away now, and she has received a new body, impervious to harm, injury, or disease. Impervious to cancer.

I ended by telling how, when I was last with her, though she was lying down in weakness, she was still very much being a Mom. She was taking roll, you see. "Ed's here, Carol's here, Audrey's here. Michael's here. Paul was here. Susan will be here. And God is always here." She repeated that last phrase over and over again. Though her body was in pain and weakness her proclamation rang strong and true: "God is always here."



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