Monday, October 09, 2006

Whitley's Streak Ends, But Gump Keeps on Rollin' 

The good news is we won our game by a lot - in fact, I can't even remember the score. I think it was 23-12 or something like that. The bad news, well, for me anyway, was that my head was simply not in the game tonight and consequently my batting suffered. I only went 2-4 tonight, and both of those dinky singles, one of which should have been an out. I made a couple of good plays at first to make up for it, but I still left feeling personally down, but teamfully uplifted. The other team's loss now leaves us as the only undefeated team in the league. They were quite female-doggy, I must say. On one play, their third baseman was standing directly in the base path, and our runner collided with him in an effort to get safely to third. He immediately was up in our guy's face, complete with a shove. Hey, you stand in the base path, you can get clobbered. No whining. By the last inning, I was hearing from their bench, "We'll see them in the playoffs..."

That's right you will. Better bring your A game!

We went out for a beer or two afterward, which was good times. I am tired now and disappointed in my lackluster batting. Maybe next week I'll be back to full strength.


[Later: The score was 23-13. Check out our power ranking now!]


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