Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weekend Update 

Thursday night was the last night of sailing for the season (sort of) and we made the most of it. The Captain invited the Sailmaker to sail with us and help us tune up our technique. Immediately after the Sailmaker stepped onto the boat he started issuing orders and I thought, "Oh boy, he's not long for the world," and started looking around for the life vests to toss to him when the Skipper tossed him over. But, amazingly, Captain listened to him and obeyed his orders. Our boat flew across the water, rounded marks on a dime, tacked and gybed like a charm. This guy knew exactly how to sail the boat - which I suppose is to be expected seeing as how he made the sails we were flying. Everyone stuck to their jobs and it was amazing. Coming back in to the finish line we are neck and neck with two other boats, one of which was Pirate! We never even come anywhere close to Pirate!! And the best part was, they were doing everything they could but couldn't catch us. So, it was with great pride that we cheered loudly when the race results were announced and we all heard, "Sixth place - Air Rights". Wow! Sixth out of 17. Normally we're the 17. So, now we know the boat can do it. Now we know that under the right direction, the crew can perform. Now we know the Captain can sail this boat well if he just sticks to his job and doesn't micromanage. Will it pay off next season? Who knows, but for one night, we sailed awesome.

And, I thought it was rather big of him, the Captain bought me a Sailing Club t-shirt as a thank you for sailing this season with them. It says on it, "Davis Island Yacht Club - the Sailingest Club in the South." Now, the reason I said the season was only sort of over is because from now til April when the season opens again there are once a month full moon races. It turns out November's is next week, so we'll be back out on the water next Thursday, making this past Thursday's celebrations a bit anti-climactic, but oh well! It was fun!

Now, tonight, is the youth lock-in Halloween party at church, of which I am in charge. 20-25 teenagers are likely to show up and I hope I'm ready! We've got pumpkin carving, movies, games, snacks, and costume contests on the docket. It should be a blast.

And I won't be thinking about the other party I got invited to go to at all. No sir, the fact that I'm missing the other party to which I received several personal invitations by the hot girl who is dressing up as "Naughty Dorothy" (in the dress Judy Garland never wore, apparently) will not be on my mind at all. I won't be thinking about that one bit. Must...not...think...about...that...



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