Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Planning for the Ordination 

I've been busy planning my ordination service and all the particulars that go along with it. Though I've never done either before, I suspect this is somewhat like planning a wedding, only much lower stress. I've got the music picked out. I've got two choirs to work with, so that's been fun. Some of the St. Luke's choir from Evanston will be coming to sing an anthem, the Psalm, and the Veni, Creator Spiritus. I selected my readings this morning, only straying a little from the list of suggested readings in the BCP, after doing some research on the history of readings from Anglican ordinals. For the OT, the call of Jeremiah fits me better than the call of Isaiah, for one, because Jeremiah received his call at a young age.

I've also got hotel arrangements made for those coming from out of town. If you are planning on coming and I haven't gotten the hotel stuff to you yet, please shoot me an email and let me know.

It's time to start getting excited.



R - If one were planning on coming to your ordination, how about some particulars? When? Where? Where to stay? Etc. Thanks!

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