Thursday, October 19, 2006

Great Line 

The Sailing Hearing I had to attend on Tuesday night was an interesting experience, one to add to the annals of my life to be sure. Now I know what they mean by "kangaroo court." Two weeks ago we were run into by another boat as we were rounding a mark. As the inside boat on a starboard tack, we had the right of way. We yelled to the other boat to give room at the mark, as we were suppossed to, but they bore down on the mark and, consequently, us as well regardless. So, our skipper threw up his protest flag and we had to have a hearing.

Unfortunately, we lost the hearing because the other skipper succeeded in establishing that we were farther off the mark than we were, which was not true. But, as there were no injuries or damages, and we're in last place anyway, it doesn't really matter if we got disqualified for this one race.

Now, by far, the best line of the whole proceeding was at the outset.

Judge: Skippers, do you have witnesses?
Both Skippers: We do.
Judge: Witnesses, you must wait at the bar.



Sorry about being run into and losing the hearing but...

... add gin and/or sherry to this story and it'd be perfect in its Episcopalianness. :)

By Blogger The young fogey, at 7:33 PM  

I have absolutely no idea what's going on in this post.

Somehow all I took from it was something about Captain Kangaroo walked into a bar....?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:31 PM  

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