Monday, October 16, 2006

Even Handicapped, Gump Mops Up 

The Forrest Gump softball team approached the field tonight confident, but with cause for trepidation. See, we were short one female, which means if we choose to field an extra male in her place, she must remain in the batting order and when her name comes up, she is an automatic out. We chose to accept this. The first half inning we were in the field and got them one, two, three. We came up to bat and our leadoff hitter gets a double, which brings me to the plate. I take ball one and then hit a double to right center, scoring our base runner. And so the inning continued. Our automatic out at the end of our batting order became out two and we kept going. I come up to bat again, and hit another double, scoring the runner on second. However, this made ten runs, and if you get ten runs in one inning, the last run is counted and then becomes the third out. So, effectively, I was left standing on second and robbed of a chance to score.

The game stayed 10-0 for an inning or two, then jumped to 14-0. I hit one more single, but left the game with only my first two RBIs. Every inning I switch out with the right fielder so he can play first base some too, his preferred position. In one of the innings where I was in right, well, I'll just go ahead and say it - I made a great catch. The ball was skied to right center and I was on my horse to get to it. I knew I would not make it all the way so I jabbed my glove out and got it, but the ball bounced up out of the glove before I could close it. Conjuring the spirit of Andruw Jones, I quickly snagged the ball with my free hand and made the out.

Then, the next inning our pitcher asked if anyone else wanted to pitch. She won't be here next week and she thought whoever was going to pitch would need practice. Of the few of us with pitching experience in slow pitch softball, somehow the lot fell on me. Unsure, I took the mound. After a few ugly pitches, I got into it and got the batters out one, two, three. Unfortunately, not so the following innings. Our 14-0 lead was cut in half by the end of the game, bringing the final score to 14-7, but we still clobbered them. And, yikes!, I'm on the mound next Monday!

Gump keeps on running, we're 4-0 now with no signs of stopping!!


P.S. I'm also feeling a bit of some of the more minor sacrifices of my vocation. Two of our players apparently throw a big costume party every Halloween and they invited us all to come. We agreed to all show up costumed as characters from Forrest Gump. Tonight the date was announced and it's the same night as the St. Mark's Youth Lock-in. I am very disappointed I can't go, at the same time I am excited to do the lock-in. I haven't partied at all since I got to Tampa and I am excited to be making friends outside of St. Mark's, plus Halloween costume parties are my favorite, so I'm bummed I can't go. Thank you, that is all the whining for tonight.


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