Monday, October 02, 2006

Batting 1.000; Gump's on a Roll! 

Gump emerged victorious once again, with a final score of 16-12 (even if it should not have been that high against us by four runs, but more on that later)!

Can I just say that our team rocks! Not only are we awesome at the game, but everyone is a lot of fun to play with. Tonight we had some amazing plays in the field. Our pitcher never let getting behind in the count bother her and she brought us home in the end (personally, I think it's the high socks). The other first baseman made a helluva catch from the centerfielder to tag out a runner who advanced too far on a fly ball. There were some great catches in the outfield and some smart fielding all around the infield.

Our bats, obviously, kept ringing them in with some big hits and some clutch hits. Sadly, we lost one player early on in the game to a pair of strained quads, but she'll be ok with some ice and some stretching next week. I think everyone (minus the injured) got a hit this week, which is awesome. I went 4-4 with 4 runs scored and an RBI double (to opposite field, right where I wanted it, he added proudly). Our team is starting to gel together nicely, encouraging each other and no one getting frustrated too badly when they make a goof up in the field or fail to get that big hit.

Now, in the 4th inning, the ump called a runner from the other team out at first for taking a lead off. In the bottom of the 7th (the last inning in slow pitch softball), with the bases loaded and two outs, another of their players took a lead off at second, and the ump pointed it out, and said, "I already called one player out for that. Get back on the base!" They then went on to score four more runs, running the score from 16-8 to 16-12. Now, if you're gonna call a rule once, you gotta call it the whole game, blue! Come on! Had we lost, fits would have been pitched, to put it mildly. But we didn't. So, hopefully, those four extra runs won't hurt us too badly in the power rankings.

And yes, by and large, we remembered each others' names!

Run, Forrest, Run!!!!



I obviously don't do baseball or softball, but I would agree that the ump got it backwards. He should've warned the first runner and called the second runner out. But because he called the first runner out earlier, I would agree that the second runner should've been called out.

Regardless, you won the game desipite the mistake and that's what counts.

And right now, I can't exactly say that Montana is experiencing "softball weather."

By Blogger Reverend Ref +, at 1:18 PM  

Thanks Ref! I was hoping you or DawgDays, our local reffing gurus, would weigh in on this one.

Does Montana ever experience softball weather?


By Blogger Ryan, at 3:43 PM  

Of course Montana experiences softball weather! It usually runs from about mid-May (or late-May, June for sure) through mid-September. Late September is iffy. The last week of September this year, however, was absolutely gorgeous. In fact, it was more August-like. It's now turned decidedly fall.

So yes, softball weather available in Montana; it's just specific to summer.

By Blogger Reverend Ref +, at 11:43 PM  

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