Sunday, October 08, 2006

All Creatures of Our God and King 

Today's St. Francis Day Festival was a rip-roaring success! Everyone with whom I spoke loved the event, including many guests who were not parishioners. Hopefully a few of them will return. We had about 57 animals in all, and around 250 humans present for the 10:15 liturgy. Several of the 8 o' clocker's came back for the picnic and the second outdoor blessing (originally reserved for animals beyond a certain size or level of (un)ruliness). The three animal service organizations we had present also loved the event and all asked to be invited back next year. Of the three, the Wildlife Haven was my favorite, because they had the most interesting animals: two baby raccoons, a fox squirrel, a prairie dog, and several gray squirrels.

I felt good about my sermon as well. On my way to preach at the 10:15 liturgy, a particular piece of what I'd like to think of as divine inspiration came over me. When I got to my preaching spot, I looked out and all the congregation, animal and human alike were still dutifully standing waiting for me to say something. So I raised my head authoritatively, gestured with my hands appropriately, and said loudly, "Sit!" Uproarious laughter ensued.

One of the other hits of the day, about which I was equally pleased, was the reception a hymn choice I had made received. Susie, you paying attention? Earth and All Stars was an instant classic among my congregation. It had people smiling, singing afterwards, and the animals loved it, many of whom barked, meowed, or otherwise bellowed their way through it as we all processed out. It was perfectly appropriate and a perfect end to the liturgy.

Next big project: youth lock-in for All Hallows' Eve complete with Candlelit Midnight Mass.
(Note to self: put a protective layer down on the altar before said candlelit mass.)



Thanks for a simple narrative of the St. Francis eucharist and pet blessing that nonetheless contains good insight. And the "sit" command...well what a receptive audience you must have then had for your remarks.

By Anonymous Dave Vanderahqiqxz, at 9:14 PM  

I'm here, I'm here!!!

Hooray for that hymn! See? No one can sing it without smiling, its not just you!!

And remembering that made me smile, thanks!

By Blogger Susie, at 4:27 PM  

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