Friday, September 29, 2006


I think it is a real privilege to have kids in our youth group who actually get excited and happy to see their minister show up at their school events. Some kids would roll their eyes, be embarrassed, be spiteful, or just generally not like it. But not this group. Yesterday I attended a choral performance and saw a smile when the young lady saw me in the audience. Later the same day, I went to a volleyball game and was greeted with a huge wave, a grin, and a big hug. But that wasn't even the best part. The best part was as I was walking away I heard in a probably sinfully prideful tone, "That's Fr. Ryan. He's my youth pastor!" Hearing that does a soul good.

Now, that's a privilege. But it is not the greatest privilege. Later today I will be the recipient of one of the greatest privileges I can imagine. I get to drive 5 young people to DaySpring to attend Happening #56 as participants. Words fall short of how that makes me feel. See, it was the Happening ministry in this diocese, and the people who then made it what it was, that changed my life forever. It was Happening that made me choose the less travelled path, pick self-sacrifice over self-indulgence. It was Happening, by and large, that allowed me to forgive myself (long after God had forgiven me) and open my ears to hear God's call in my life.

And this afternoon, I get to drive 5 young people to that experience. I do not know how God will touch them this weekend, only that He will do so. I do not know how Jesus will call them this weekend, only that He will do so. And I do not know how the Holy Spirit will empower them this weekend, only that it will do so. Knowing that, with them in the backseat on the way to DaySpring, will be one of the greatest privileges of my life. So, thank you.



In what I hope is not a sinful sense of the word, I'm proud of you, man.

ZAX out,

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