Saturday, September 23, 2006

Field Promotion; Forest Gump 

When I arrived at the Yacht Club on Thursday night, I learned that the First Mate would not be there this week and that there was only one other hand available for crew, and he less experienced than I. It was therefore with some trepidation that I accepted the field promotion to First Mate. Despite my shaky confidence, I discovered that I knew/remembered more than I thought I did, just from watching the First Mate in weeks past. We got the main and jib hoisted with no issues, and when sailing, we had a minimum amount of trouble. What trouble we did have was in large part due to the lack of anticipation on the part of our fourth crew member, but that's no big deal really because I've only just begun to learn how to anticipate what needs to be done next. We came in last place, but that mainly because we were sailing in the Spinnaker class, but didn't fly the Spinnaker. All in all it was a good experience and it instilled a bit more confidence in me.

On to Forrest Gump. So, a couple of weeks (maybe months) ago, I signed up as a Free Agent in the Tampa Bay Club Sports softball league pool. I never really heard anything back from them, so I assumed I hadn't been picked up. Then, last Thursday, I got an email saying I'd been assigned to a Monday night team - Forrest Gump. Forst game is Monday and I am pumped. I wonder what the team will look like...



Run, Ry-an, run!

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