Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lord, Open Our Lips (and close our ears) 

With the realization setting in that our 10:15 Sunday service is a sung service, and that, come December, I'll have to do that, I've begun talking with the Boss Man about how to prepare for this. He seems to think, for whatever befuddled reason, that my "set of pipes" is actually good raw material. His mother, a piano/voice instructor, agreed apparently. But there is no argument that is needs tempering. In what forge is the question, however. Wednesday night is both youth group and choir practice, so I can't do choir practice. The choir practices also on Sunday morning, but I am then engaged in adult ed.

Since we've been doing daily Morning Prayer as an office staff, I said, 3/4 of the way joking, "Well, we could start singing Morning Prayer." The Boss Man, "That's a fine idea." Our Parish Administrator laughed and said, "They're your ears," referring to her own fears about singing.

"No sense in putting off the self humiliation," said the Boss Man, "I'll sign up for the first humiliation tomorrow morning, and you two can join in the fun next week."

Oh boy, I hope this works.



Having heard you officiate evensong, actually quite well in my opinion, I am confident you will accomplish this challenge with grace and style. If you still have a certain apprehension, remember to ask God for help. I do it all the time before playing.

By Blogger Northland Al, at 2:56 PM  

My only, non-expert tip: when unsure about register, amateur singers should go lower rather than higher. Nerves make the voice shoot up, so it's wise to start strong in that lower octave. Also, coffee tightens up the pipes, so go easy.

Glad to hear the Boss Man is supportive and willing to try things.

By Blogger Baruch Grazer, at 12:59 PM  

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