Thursday, August 31, 2006

And Having Done All, to Stand. 

I get to preach on the favorite passage of my childhood this coming Sunday and boy am I excited! Ephesians 6:10-20! And it's in the context of baptism. It's a homerun served up on a silver platter!

"I am the world's foremost expert on medieval weaponry!"
~Me, roughly age 10-12, Malone's Restaurant, Atlanta

In sailing news, tonight was a lovely sail, Ernesto having swept all the rain away. We did very good at the outset, but rounding the second marker we lost ground because we had to "jibe" (that is, move the spinnaker from one side to the next), and half of us, including myself, had never done this particular maneuver before, so it wasn't executed with all precision. Naturally, this resulted in several colorful outbursts from the cockpit, but other than that, no big deal. So, we lost ground and never caught back up, but it was fun and I learned some of the basics of jibe-ing(sp?)



How in the name of heaven did you find the strength not to name this post, "Shuckin' the Jibe"?

Funny, I spent the day with Sonny along the Lake, and was telling him that his "Captain Small" book makes me want to learn to sail.

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