Saturday, July 15, 2006

All Sorts of Excitement 

I'm giving my first sermon at St. Mark's tomorrow - reading the passage from Amos led me to a line of thought about just what a prophet is and does, so I'll be talking about that and connecting it to the Gospel passage via the theme of faithful response to God's call.

My good friend Lauren is coming for a visit (albeit short) on her way to ole Fort Misery from Baltimore. She is having dinner with her grandmother just a short ways south of me, so will be able to stop by for a brief period of time in the afternoon.

The reason Lauren is coming down is because she is a bridesmaid in another good friend of our's wedding next weekend. I'll be serving as Deacon for it, so it will be a grand ole time! Congratulations to Katie and Adam, two fine people tying the knot!



Oh, is that wedding finally happening? Awesome! Give them my best!

- Sherriff

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