Monday, May 22, 2006

Signs of Endings All Around Us 

No, this is not some apocalyptic prophecy blog entry, but rather a sober reflection on all the joyous celebrations and partes I've been to this week and will attend in the week and a half to come. It is hard to believe my time at seminary is coming to an end, but that is the truth. Much like all the other major stages in my life, I am leaving this one a different person from the one I was when I came in. Yesterday I had a big party at my apartment where I gathered as many of my friends as I could to say a fun-filled goodbye. It was amazing, so many people came and it was a blast to have one last big blowout! It was good to see people for different areas of my life mingling together and enjoying themselves. It meant a lot to me. At St. Luke's today we publicly introduced next year's field ed seminarian, and though I will be there for the next two weeks still, it was another moment of ritual ending. That church and all the people there have been so important to me in my development, and I will miss them all very dearly. Many expressed to me today that they wish I did not have to go, and that also meant a tremendous amount to me. In a way, I wish I could take them with me, moreso than just in my heart and my spirit. Chicago has taught me a lot. Seabury has taught me a lot. St. Luke's has taught me a lot. And my classmates have taught me a lot. I hope I go away from here having learned all that God intended me to learn. I think I have, and that feels good.



I know you have! Endings are hard, but a new door is about to open with many more who will love and need you. Mom

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