Friday, April 07, 2006

Seabury Saints Softball Season Opener 

The Saints walked trepidly to Long Field yesterday for the season opener against Simpson St. Having team captains who were busy with field education and a coach who faces impending writing deadlines, it seemed the season crept up on the Saints and they had held no practices before the game. Meeting an hour earlier than start time, the Saints warmed up and welcomed several new teammates. A later game time this season allowed Brian V. to join us, and he took over in right field and as one of the team's pitchers. A fellow teammate reported to us, "His experience will bring a lot to our team. We look forward to see if he can still produce runs at the plate." Joining us for his rookie season, Les C. manned the shortstop position with confidence, making several key defensive plays and not disappointing with his bat. Brad P. took over at third base, where his strong arm made several accurate throws to get runners out at first. Returning senior and team captain, Ryan W. made a defensive change and played first base. Other returning players, Jen T., Beth P., and Amy G., all contributed to both the defensive and offensive game.

Speaking of offensive, the Saints seemed to be wielding holy objects for bats yesterday. Mitch S., a returning senior and center fielder, was the lead off man. His first pitch he took to center field in the gap and slid safely into second base with a double. Beth P. drove him home with a double of her own and Frank Y., team coach, brought her in with a triple. This brought power hitter Jen T. to the cleanup position and she knocked Frank home with a double. Ryan W. stepped up to the plate and picked up two RBI's with a deep blast to straightaway center field for the Saints' first homer of the season. Seven runs were scored in the first half of the first inning lending an air of confidence to the previously unpracticed and unsure Saints.

Simpson St., however, would not be daunted, scoring 5 of their own runs against a shaky Seabury defense. However, after the first inning, Seabury stood tall in the field, throwing out runners and not making (too many) costly errors. The Saints' bats would continue to produce runs throughout the game, and the defense staunched the slow but sure flow of Simpson St. for a final score of 14-10, Saints. The Saints thank their loyal fans who cheered them on to victory, particularly C. Davies R., John H., Andrew B. and teammate Denise S., who is out this season on pregnancy leave. Seabury Batting Notes: Both Beth S. and Hope B. would make solid contact with the ball, but could not manage getting on base. When asked about their performance, Hope said, "Hey, I hit the ball, which is great. Getting on base is going to be a bonus." The Saints look forward to that bonus manifesting itself in the next game, providing some stability in the lower part of the line-up. Jen T. would go 2-3 with 2 RBI's, Brian V. would go 2-3 as would Mitch S. Ryan W. was solid all day, hitting 3-3, with a HR, a 3B, 3 RBI's, and 2 runs scored; slugger teammate Mitch S. was overheard saying somewhat incredulously, "Ryan's on fire today!"

The Saints look forward to a promising season and some practice.



This is way cooler than reading the MLB recaps because I actually know most of these folks.

By Blogger Dawgdays, at 4:23 PM  

Yay!! Nice to see my alma mater doing well. "If the season ended today ..."

And, just a technical note, shouldn't it be R'sBI? Or more accurately, RBI. Afterall, they aren't Runs Batted Ins.


Looking forward to more updates.

By Blogger Reverend Ref +, at 12:09 AM  

Ref -

Picky, picky, picky...


By Blogger Ryan, at 1:24 AM  

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