Thursday, April 13, 2006

Seabury Saints Softball Report 2 

With a Maundy Thursday service at 6pm, the Saints took to the field at 5pm in hopes of a quick victory. And quick it was, by forfeiture that is. Team Hsu failed to show for the second week in a row, moving the Saints to a 2-0 record. Senior Shana P. smacked the ball in BP, having made some adjustments to her stance. When asked for a comment after hitting a ball over the shortstop's head, she could only reply, "Wwwwhoaaaa!" We agree, Shana. Bobby F. made an appearance off the Seabury bench, but was disappointed the opponent didn't show. He lamented after hitting solidly in BP, "I came to play..."

We asked team captain, Frank Y. why he thought Team Hsu didn't show. Frank said the League power rankings had come out previously in the week, and that surprisingly, Seabury came in second out of thirty-five team with a Power Ranking of 87.00. They also had the highest offensive ranking of all the teams, a solid 15.00. Seeing as how no player but Frank knew what a power ranking was, we sought some explanation. "A power ranking is a combination of point differentials, runs scored, and a subjective assesment by the umpires of how powerful any given team actually is," he explained. In the light of this incredible power ranking, Frank and the rest of the Saints were quick to attribute Team Hsu's forfeit to fear.

The Saints are anxious to get back out on the field next week, taking on Team ISRC. The first pitch will be thrown at 5pm on Long Field.



Did you see we are ranked #1 now that Hsu failed to appear! Whoot!

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