Friday, March 17, 2006

The Little Hurler 

Now, while I did suggest to my brother Brennan that he begin his own blog to update his fan base on his latest sporting feats, the one I got last night is so good, it bears mentioning here. Brennan threw his first complete game at the Varsity level, leading his team to an 8-2 victory in Miami last night. I did not get the number of K's but knowing how he throws, there were several. Well done, bro!

So, after that game, my parents returned to the Hard Rock Casino hotel where they were staying to fulfill one of my mother's life long aspirations - playing a slot machine. Now, she was sorely disappointed, not only cause you did not win, but because there was no lever to pull and the figures spinning round and round were not fruit, but unrecognizable indistinct objects. My aunt, who only last year won the Florida Lottery, puts in $10, plays for 5 minutes, and comes out $50 ahead. When Dad told me that, I blurted out, "Ok! She is no longer allowed to gamble!" Dad replied, "What are you talking about? We should hire her to gamble!"



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