Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lacking Enthusiasm 

I went to class today and I must admit I am seriously lacking enthusiasm for this quarter. I need 1/3 of a credit to graduate, but I decided I was going to take close to a full course load anyway to get the most bang out of my buck.

But I miss being at St. Luke's already.

The student-preached sermon today at Mass was inspiring and hit home for me. Part of it dealt with the fact that in seminary we spend all of our time preaching the Gospel Mission but not doing it, talking about action but then rushing off to our next meeting while throwing a semi-joking remark over our shoulder about being over-scheduled, and spending more time reading about ministry than practicing it. I wanted to say, "Hey! I was doing it! I was actually doing ministry and loving it! But then I had to come back here and sit in a classroom again! What gives?"

I wonder if other third year seminarians feel the same way? I wonder if those who graduated before me experienced the same kind of disappointment after field ed?

I went to the mini-course at St. Luke's tonight on the Battle Over the Holy Land and as I walked in and went into my office to get some materials needed for the AV setup, I had a brief moment to reflect. I won't be sitting in there during the week much anymore. As I walked into the parlor to help set up, I thought, "I am excited to be here. I want to do this more. But I have school still."

I guess this is good for when I start at St. Mark's in July. But for the time being, it's all a bit anti-climactic, disappointing, and, I'm sorry to say, kinda boring.



I sympathize very much with your situation, Ryan. It's more than just another flavor of senioritis at work - it's like that old saying 'How you gonna keep her down on the farm after she's seen Paris?'. My best advice from nothing more than personal experience is to not let yourself get too complacent. Life has a way of getting painfully fresh after it's painfully stale.

Scotch is also good.

ZAX out,

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