Tuesday, March 14, 2006


In short, today was a great day. I slept in, recovering from my weekend and spent a little time this morning with my thoughts, processing. Some processing work done with a friend over the phone too, with whom I've had anti-racism type conversations before, and that was good.

Went in to the office after lunch (we typically get Monday mornings either off or begin them at a leisurely pace) and met some parishioners who were coming in to set up the AV equipment for this week's installment of the "Battle for the Holy Land" class. Spent almost two hours just chatting with them and learning a little more about what is going on in their lives. The relational aspect of this vocation is one of the major reasons I wanted to get into it, cause I love it! One of the parishioners has a company called Xunesis, working to bring together science and the arts on stage and screen. Their website is very interesting, you should check it out. But, he was telling me about their latest project and it sounded so cool. They're doing some work around the psychology and sociology of criminal confessions, particularly when the confession is false and the perceived perpetrator actually innocent. It was fascinating stuff.

After that, I hit the gym with Jonathan, who said he wanted to max out the bench today. I said I would help him do that but that I was just going to do my regular set. But then, watching him max I got pumped to do it myself so I got in on the game. Ladies and gentlemen, it was a milestone day for me. I am almost at my weightlifting goal. In college, the last time I maxed and when I was arguably in the best shape of my life, I maxed out at 185. My lifetime goal is to bench 200 (and then I'll buy the tshirt). Today, I put up 195 with no assistance but didn't have 200 in me. Nonetheless, it was so exciting! I lifted more than I ever have before and am really, really close to my goal. I can taste it! "195" became the cahnted mantra for the rest of the day! (I know this kinda stuff bores some of you out there, and some of you even feel it is a bit narcissistic, but exercise is important to me and that is why I share it here. I'm not trying to boast that "I'm so strong, look at me..." type stuff at all. Cause believe me, there are guys in the Y who bench what I can't even fathom. What I am trying to share is that I have set a goal for myself that is important to me, and that I have almost reached it.)

To top off my great day, the "Holy Land" class was great and then I shot some pool with some of the guys afterwards, while also getting to spend some time with a wonderful young lady.

Like I said, it was a great day.



Attaboy, Ryan - attaboy!!!

ZAX out,

By Blogger BrotherBeal, at 6:09 AM  

Had me a 185 day, some time back. Yeppir, that was a day.

Go, 200, go, 200...

By Blogger Baruch Grazer, at 6:08 PM  

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