Monday, January 23, 2006

Why so terrified? 

So, the other week in the Use of the Voice class we had to monotone the bidding prayer and the first line of the Lord's prayer. By ourselves. In front of all those people. I had no idea I would be as nervous as I was. It's just monotone, right? But, by the time I finished, there was sweat soaking my forehead. I actually broke out into a cold sweat. Why am I so afraid? I haven't gotten that nervous since the first time I stepped out onto a stage in high school!

Today was no better. We actually had to chant collect tones, which have several different notes in them! Not just monotone! Not as much sweating this time, but some. Prof. made everyone sing twice - once and then a second time after receiving comments. The comments I got were: "I could tell you were a little bit nervous, cause it sounded a little breathy." "The first meturm (series of note changes) you were slightly out of tune, but you hit the second metrum and the flex well." So, Prof. made me do it again, and to my surprise, I actually sounded good to me! And to them apparently, cause they applauded me and said "you nailed it that time!"

So, the singing adventures of Ryan continue...next week, Collect tone 1, which apparently only the current Presiding Bishop ever uses with regularity.



I quite understand. Last week in a practice presiding session (i.e. "play church" in the reformed tradition), my left hand would not stop shaking. It was rather a bit of a distraction.

I can say, the more you sing in front of others, the easier it gets. You will do well.

By Blogger Northland Al, at 5:56 AM  

Performing for others seems, to me, to be a skill I have to re-learn for each new "thing." Once I could act in front of a crowd, I thought I had crowds licked, until I had to sing. Once I got public singing under control, there was dance. Ditto guitar, ditto lecturing, ditto seminars, etc. Every skill has to be learned at least twice: alone, and under observation. At least, that's my experience.

By Blogger G. Brooke, at 8:32 PM  

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