Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A New Experience 

Tonight, as I was exiting Evensong after having shadowed a cantor team for the first time, I reached down to turn my phone back on from the "totally stealth" mode it had been in, when I saw that it was "ringing" so to speak. I answered it and it turned out to be Jeff calling from his work. He works at the Lyric Opera in the business and fundraising office and every so often gets some free tickets. He's offered me some tickets before but I have always been unable to go. Well when he called tonight, he had some tix, and having nothing better to do tonight other than watch my guilty pleasure, I gladly accepted. The opera was Rigoletto by Verdi (story adapted from a Victor Hugo play, surprisingly enough), apparently a quite well known production among opera enthusiasts. Jeff said it would be "an accessible" performance for my first opera.

I really enjoyed the show, and more than anything, enjoyed watching live theater again. I really miss that, having gone to every show the theater department put on in undergrad (and acting in several of those). It's somewhat frustrating to live now in a city with such great theater but to not be able to ever afford to go. Having never seen an opera before, I was very excited. I was also somewhat intimidated because I worried I might not know what was going on or be able to appreciate it. But neither happened to be the case. The lyrics were translated for you on a little screen at the top of the stage, but you could get the story even without them. The voices were incredible, and not a mic to be had. The set design and costume design were stunning, and the grand scale of it all was impressive. I am glad that I can now say I went to an opera while in Chicago and hope that I might get to go again while I remain here these last few months.



BRAVO! Ryan I was so in hopes this would happen. And, so glad you enjoyed it. Some theatre, huh? Interesting that you lost your operaitc virginity to Rigaletto. Did you notice there is not one single INNOCENT person in the story. They are all lieing to someone. It is a plot boiling over with guile! Delighted you enjoyed it and hope you can sample more while there....decent opera in Tampa, only not nearly as much. Tom

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