Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Interesting Night at theHuddleston Household 

With DePaul's win over Wake tonight (84-81), I suspect it's interesting in the Huddleston Household. Scott went to Wake and was my roommate one year (you may console him later), and his younger bro goes to DePaul. Who would have thought DePaul could win tonight? Well, with WFU, anything goes. The close score does not reflect the play; DePaul outplayed us by a lot more than 3 points. Gray couldn't get the ball and when he did get it, he wasn't shooting impressively. Williams did more than his share offensively, but Strickland and Hale really needed to step up tonight, and they didn't. Even walk-on Michael Drum drained a 3 at a clutch moment. But, the boys couldn't pull it together tonight. I sighed towards the end of the game, "Last year we had the team to do, and we didn't." Each of Wake's victories this year (now 7-2 with losses to DePaul and Florida) have come harder than we might have guessed. It has made for exciting basketball, but not a good team. If Wake wants to go places this year, and those places being called things like the sweet sixteen, they need to re-group and re-strategize. They don't have Chris Paul anymore, no thanks to him. As good as Gray is, he is not Paul. Re-strategize and come up with a winning game plan that plays to Gray's strengths, and do so making it a team sport.



Here's the deal. I'm not coming to Chicago. Sad. But I'm getting married and that's happy. I miss you. Sad. But you're graduating. Happy.

I'm getting a blog since I'll be doing this missionary gig for a little while longer (or forever, who knows?) and i'll let you know what it is. But... in case you forget about me, good luck with your last semester!!!!

By Anonymous Melanie, at 8:13 PM  

Yeah...so, I'm up late studying for my microbiology exam (and on a complete tangent...human parasites are particularly disgusting. I'd post image links, but...well...they're gross looking. If you're really curious, do a google image search for elephantiasis (W. bancrofti is the worm that causes it)...end tangent) when I decide to take a break and check my email...find a message from Tyler (subject: Some light reading material)
"ESPN game summary

In the battle of the Demons, the Blue variety


uh....well....then I don't know why..."

Sad, sad day really. Though Tyler's now a graduate (with an obscene GPA and a rather nice intro job - still in Chicago), for what that's worth. Makes me feel old.

Ah, well. Back to micro.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:21 AM  

Sounds like the other night in the Kalemeris household :-) My apologies for the late bragging call. Holly at least answered her phone this time.

Do Duke and Wake meet up again this year? I can't remember. Hope all is well!

By Anonymous Sarah, at 1:12 PM  

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