Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Weather Update 

For all of October and the better part of the first half of November, we have had rather temperate weather here in the Windy City. Late last week that began to change as winter began getting anxious for its turn. As the temperature began to drop, I went to my thermostat and turned on my heat. But, it never came on. I assumed the building's heat had not been turned on yet because of the nice weather. Well, when I woke up Monday morning frozen, I called the landlord. He said the heat was turned on. Uh-oh. They came out and inspected and sure enough, something wasn't right. The maintenance man worked on it most of the day, but when I got home from school it was still cold. Tuesday it was still cold. So, I called this morning after thawing out and he said they were coming back today, but needed a part which was ordered and should arrive today. When I returned home from school late at night, the heat was still not on. But, I had a voicemail. He said in his message that the part would be here tomorrow and they'd have me fixed up. Meanwhile, they were good enough to leave me a couple of electric radiators. So, with those going (after I figured out how to have them both on at the same time and not short circuit theboard) and my long underwear on, I fully plan on being cozy tonight and waking up both warm and without a runny nose!



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