Friday, November 04, 2005

Tonight, I Raise a Glass 

Beyond November 4

I look up to the night sky
And see one more star that was not
There before.

I look at the latest picture of friends,
All gathered, and wish I saw
One more.

Seeing their faces in all of life’s mirrors,
I wonder why, at this tender age, they’re so
Stained with tears.

All who were once so strong, now robbed
And somehow less complete, our bodies wracked
By sobs.

We stand tight together now, but how I wish,
O God, how I so wish it were not
For this!

We laugh as all the old stories are retold,
Pleasantly surprised by what our
Memories can hold.

But grow sad to think that now they hold this,
Remembrance of a moment shared, a hug,
Or a kiss.

As hard as it is to accept you are gone,
We know we’ll join you again, when our new
Life sees its dawn.

So go with God now, you are home, you are safe,
And we will carry on through this life at
Our own pace.

There will be moments when we will be sad, or cry,
But then we’ll thank God for our blessings and
No longer question why.

We’ll smile at your name and not wonder how,
Though that hour seems far off for us today.
So, for now,

I hope there’s room enough in Heaven
Because this earth was just too small.
And I pray you God, for comfort
Because Drew went when he heard You call.
A man can only be so strong,
Can only hold back his tears for so long,
When our lives, like this, are rocked to the core,
When our very hearts and souls feel so sore.
Help us to turn to You, O God, I pray
And help us to echo Drew’s song as we say
That “even strangers must agree
To set me free.”

And as friends, we must stand together,
Strong and proud,
Looking back at the times we shared
And all the laughter loud.
Wiping away our tears, we learn
Something of value from this trial of pain –
That in our loss, there is gain.
So, let us wake each morn
And together say,
“Thank you God, for this,
one more day.”

4 Years ago, this night; a rainy day, an oily patch on the road, a moment at the wrong time, in the wrong place, a truck, and souls changed forever - May your soul rest in peace this day, Drew, and rise in glory at the new dawn!



beautiful piece, ryan.

By Blogger Susie, at 11:41 AM  

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