Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Guess I'm an Anchor 

I came across the following quote in an interesting little book I'm reading that I picked up at Nashotah, while there for the Lavabo Bowl. It is called Anglo-Catholic Customs, and in an introduction to anglo-catholic theology and practice, including signs and symbols. Chapter 2 takes the form of a testimonial of sorts from the author, on why he chooses to self-identify as an anglo-catholic. The quote is a part of that chapter.

It is partly because of its general progressivism that I feel the Anglican Communion is basically faithful to its Founder. The Church needs at every moment to keep one foot planted solidly in historic faith and practice; while with the other it steps forward into the future. If both feet are planted in the past, antiquarianism and sentimentality result. Yet no walker can without disaster plant two feet simultaneously in the future. One must be the anchor while the other is advancing.



Not a bad thing to be. After all, Popeye chose to have a tattoo of an anchor instead of - well, whatever symbolizes forward progress.

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