Sunday, October 23, 2005

Through Rain and Hail 

Though the Seabury Saints did not win the Lavabo Bowl back from Nashotah House, we did play an excellent game and had a good time doing it, putting the sportsmanship back into the competition on all sides. It was a far different atmosphere from last year and I do say a far more enjoyable one. We lost by one touchdown with a final score os 20-14. There was only one call by the ref that I would challenge, and that was an inadvertant whistle. Mitch had a 50 yard touchdown run and the ref inadverantly blew the whistle in the middle of it, thereby ending the play. As the game went, that would have been the win, but what can you do? It's disappointing, sure, but at least we know we played hard. It was cold, and wet, and slippery, but we played and had a blast. I got 4 tackles and 1 TFL on defense. (My big offensive production - 30 yd reception - was called back due to a penalty.) Everyone was dead tired after the game, but the faithful remnant came out to Long Field this afternoon to play in the regular IM game. Due to rain, poor field conditions, and pelting hail, the game was cancelled, but not before we garnered a win by forfeit when the other team failed to show. We scrimmaged anyway and now my calves have officially sent in their resignation. I happily laid on the couch all night and watched the Sox pick up Game 2 in an exciting game to be sure! Scott Podsednik, with no home runs all season, hits his second post-season HR tonight, a walk-off. Konerko's Grand Slam certainly helped too, and even given that I would still say the best player tonight and last night has to be Joe Crede. He is an offensive force and a defensive wall. I think he deserves a bit of the spotlight tonight, too.

In homiletical news, my sermon went very well this morning. People seemed to enjoy it and were very complimentary. My favorite comment I received has to be one lady who said to me, "I didn't even get my grocery list done!" Sometime in the near future it will be available in mp3 format from the St. Luke's website for all you out there who just can't go on without hearing it (I really hope that's just relatives and close friends...). Now, my eyes are tired and my lids are shutting involuntarily, so I believe I will retire.



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