Friday, October 21, 2005

No Dilly-Dallying 

Weekends are for rest and relaxation...except this one. After getting up this morning to write my sermon for Sunday, I had what will likely be the only time for relaxing this entire weekend. Now I am on my way to the gym to get everything in top working order for tomorrow's game against Nashotah House. Immediately after the short stint in the gym, our team has practice to get our plays down pat. Then, I have to eat dinner and practice my sermon. I think I'll manage to get a few episodes of Blackadder in there with some friends too. Tomorrow, early to rise so we can get up to Nashotah a bit early in order to peruse their bookstore and obtain a 10th edition of Ritual Notes, which isn't readily available in most other places. There is a Eucharist at 11am, which all of our team will be attending, incidentally. The game is at 1pm which will be followed by lunch. If I get home in time and am not too tired I may try to meet up with a friend from out of town who is here for the weekend, but cannot stay out too late as I will be preaching at the 8 and 10am services on Sunday at St. Luke's. I think the sermon came out nicely, too. Oh, and this is not to mention that I will be in two places at once on Saturday. While my body is pounding it out on the gridiron, my spirit will be in Indiana as Jane gets ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests. Congratulations, Jane! Sunday afternoon, after the sermonizing and hopefully some laundry, the Seabury Saints will take the field again in the regularly scheduled IM game. Hopefully, we will not be too tired and beat up! Phew...that's a lot. The Maroon 5 song comes to mind..."it's getting harder and harder to breathe..."



good luck this morning!


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