Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Leki im Elohim 

My friend Samantha was in town tonight for the first time since moving to Israel last June and it was a pleasure to see her again and get caught up on all the goings on. I have been worried about her over there with all the changes that are being and have been made, primarily the disengagement process. While I am in favor of disengagement in general, it does create tensions and those tensions can result in indiscriminate violence, so I am glad that she has been ok so far. It is with that in mind that I utter the brief prayer that entitles this post (if I got it right) - Go with God. On a lighter note, we got to laugh all over again at our friend Jeff's two word Hebrew vocabulary, which he employs liberally as a greeting: Shalom, shadayim! It's a good thing Sam and her girlfriends all find this humorous; Jeff should not try this if he ever travels to Israel! Not being sure when I might get to see her again, I tried a little extra to say a meaningful goodbye. This is not something I am very good at and have traditionally either blown them off altogether, or given a quick hug and declared an optimistic, "See ya next time!" But I put some effort into it tonight. Yivrak'kah adon-- a'hoti.



"Shalom, shadayim!"

Gracious sakes!

If any Elementary Hebrew alums are struggling: "shadayim" has penultimate stress. And remember that III-h roots drop that third heh before adding a suffix.

Disclaimer to avoid complicity in harrassment: don't emulate Jeff. Gracious sakes.

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