Monday, October 31, 2005

I, too, was a youth once... 

It seems not all that long ago that I was hanging out in the Great Hall of good ole St. Hilary's all night long during what surely would have been a much anticipated lock-in. Yes, I remember John Miller and I kicking a ball around somewhere near three in the morning, only to send it sailing straight into the kitchen and score a direct hit on the commercial coffee pot, creating enough racket to thereby wake up anyone within a square mile. And another time, again with John, sticking our hands up the Coke machine to try and steal a Coke, only to rip the can in half while pulling it out, creating a colossal mess, a telltale sign as to our crime, and a bloody hand. I recall vividly dancing wildly on the stage to Cake's "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps", all the while with no less than three girls in mind to whom the lyrics might apply in my wishful thinking. There was the first lock-in I went to, way back when Ms. Salerno was in charge, and I was friends with her younger son, Nick - that one had a Mexican theme, but I'm not really sure why. I had to have been in the 6th grade then. Yes, I remember some good ole times had at church lock-ins, and now, I've one more memory to add to that list.

Last night, I chaperoned a lock-in at St. Luke's for the middle school and high school groups. We had about 8 kids in all, and I had a really great time getting to know them. But I found my focus was on way different things on this side of the coin. Did all the candles from the service get picked up? What about those candy wrappers in the sanctuary? Who is gonna vacuum that sand? Ok, where are all the kids now? Will they go to sleep, or will I have to play meanie camp counselor? Will they wake-up? Oh, please, no running! Yeah, I feel old.

They were a really great group of folks though. Even though some of the high schoolers were resentful of the fact that the middle schoolers could come, I think they secretly liked having them around. And when it came time for the High schoolers only Compline service, good-will took over and they extended the invitation to all. Good folks, I tell you. And smart as devils. So, I made sure they all got in their rooms (boys in one room, girls in another) at the appointed time of 2:30am. I then promptly fell asleep, only to wake up a short time later to the sound of laughter, quiet talking, and general late night fun. I put on my sweatshirt and stormed out, prepared to be the aforementioned meanie camp counselor. "Why aren't you all in bed where you're suppossed to be?!" Came the reply, "Daylight savings time, Ryan. Duh! We've got another hour!" Of course. Of course, you do. Don't you want to use that extra hour for sleep? No, of course you don't. Smart as devils.

They all woke up without too much of a hassle. Did have to dump one little girl out of a sleeping bag, but she seemed to think that was part of the event and laughed at even that. The All Hallows' Eve service that preceded all this revelry the night before was a blast. Completely candlelit. We much have had close to 250 candles going, and let me tell you, in a big, stone, cathedral-like church, that's an impressive sight. I think everyone really had a good time. But, I, for one, am pooped.



Sounds like an excellent time, Ryan - and without the worries of razor blades in candy bars, anthrax-coated skittles or inappropriately dressed college students wandering the street (think Franklin Street). Have a happy Halloween!

ZAX out,

By Blogger BrotherBeal, at 7:08 AM  

Humming softly: "Thanks...for the memories." (the only line of that song I know)

A remembered bit of dialogue from a middle-school lock-in:

"Jeff, WHY did you put her teddy bear in the freezer?"

"To keep it fresh."

By Blogger G. Brooke, at 10:30 AM  

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