Saturday, October 15, 2005


We had a great practice today, which is good cause the annual Lavabo Bowl against Nashotah House is next Saturday. They've won it the past two years, so we're look to take away the crown this year on their home turf. The new IM rules for the Northwetern league are weird. For Co-Rec football teams like our there are open and closed downs. An open down means males are eligible receivers. Closed downs means only females are eligible recievers. Males can never run the ball unless there is a female QB. This promotes serious double teaming which is hard to work with but we need to learn how to use these rules to our advantage. This afternoon it is gorgeous outside, so I think I'm gonna throw the bike in the car and drive down to Hyde Park to go riding with Taylor and Kate, which will be really fun. Then, the three of us, plus Katie and Adam are gonna do dinner tonight sometime, so it is going to be an excellent day.

Tomorrow is the Patronal Feast Day for St. Luke's (trans.), so there is many big to-do's in the works.

My blogging has fallen off of late and the only thing I can cite in my defense is that I have all night classes this quarter and the night time was when I usually blogged. Plus, the change in schedule is really jerking with my rythym big time. It's odd, but I guess I'm just not much of a night person (save the weekends of course!).



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