Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lunch at the Hospital 

Last week I ran into the Clinical Ethicist from my former CPE site and we chatted for a while. It was very good to see him and I thought it might be nice to see all the other folks too, so I called up one of my supervisors and we scheduled to have lunch. So, today, I drove out there for lunch. I walked into that hospital like I owned the place and I had to remind myself I didn't work there anymore. I walked right up to the cafeteria and saw John, we shook hands and sat down to eat just as if I had never left. Many other people joined us and it was great to see all of them again, especially my group supervisor. A former group member was back there for a residency it seems, so she joined us as well. And just because he brought up being on this blog before, Rabbi Stan joined us! All in all it was a good visit; I miss that crowd, and, surprisingly enough or not, I miss the work. As if on cue, at the end of our lunch time together, John's pager went off with a Code Yellow. I almost got up to go with him. Strange how some habits, if it can be called such, die hard.



Funny, I am going to the hospital tomorrow. Small world.

By Anonymous Jeff, at 12:26 AM  

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