Monday, September 26, 2005

Last Dance of Freedom 

Tomorrow is the big day. My last first day of school!!! I have had 19 consecutive years with a first day of school, tomorrow will make an even 20, and I think that's just plenty. How did I spend my last day of summer? Well it certainly wasn't dancing; I just thought that was a fun title. No, I spent it going to church and cleaning my apartment. The decadance of summer left my abode rather messy and I did not want to start out my senior year of seminary living in squalor. Now, the place is so clean, you might just get cleaner simply by walking in through the front door. I did a lot of laundry as well, which ended up providing more amusement that laundry typically does (which is none, so even a knock-knock joke would be an improvement, but this was a little bit better than that.) When I take my stuff to the laundry room, I notice someone has placed two signs down there, one of the washer and one on the dryer. They both read the same thing: "Please be courteous to your neighbors and remove your laundry in a timely manor. Thank you." [Emphasis original.] Now, this caused me to chortle. Several humorous images came to mind, but they mostly involved a large, English, country estate with a butler running around always pointing to the clock and telling you to hurry up.

St. Luke's was excellent this morning as well. I made an announcement about the satirical novel discussion group I'll be running there on Thursdays in October because the books had come in. Having never done anything like this before I was really wondering how many people are going to turn up at the first meeting, but I was pleased to see several folks walking around toting their new copies of the two books after the service. Our forum (adult education) this morning was also interesting. It was on Franciscan Spirituality and was led by a Franciscan named Paul laChance. I learned some things about Francis I had not known before, so that was good.

Tomorrow, I am officiating Morning Prayer. I always like to do something of service liturgically on the first day, but as I've been doing the Breviary Hours most of the summer, I'll need to be careful I don't slip into some of the more traditional language!

Ok, now I'm going to post tonight's Psalm 4 meditation and then it's to bed for me.



Knock on wood if you really want this to be your last day of school, because you might just end up having mroe when you go for your phD or D.Min.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:12 AM  

That should read "Knock on wood if you really want this to be your last first day of school..."

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:13 AM  

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