Saturday, September 17, 2005

"In the name of God, I take you..." 

If you had told me when they got engaged that I would be asked to be the crucifer for Hope and Andrew's wedding, I would likely have come up with a list of far more worthy people to fill the post. But, here we are, on the day of their wedding, and I have discharged my duty as crucifer with humble thanks. Andrew and Hope both looked radiant today; the service was glorious, and reception warm. The toasts were brief but heartfelt and I think everyone had a really enjoyable time. Certainly the road ahead for these two future priests will be full of all sorts of career challenges, but I have no doubt the grace of God will carry them through those and whatever else may befall their path. Many hearty congratulations and blessings of love be upon them this day, and all the days of their life together, until they are parted by death.



I think you may be friends with Phil and Callie, my neighbors here at CDSP. I think they were mentioning you yesterday. Jeanette DeFriest and I are on a committee together and she mentioned at our last meeting that she had a field ed-er who she was excited about. Good luck in all your endeavors! --zinnhead

By Blogger Zinnhead, at 10:59 AM  

Hi Zinnhead,

Yes I do know Phil, though I only met Callie once. They are married now are they not? Congrats to them! Jeannette is wonderful and I shall be sure to tell her yo say hello. Is this committee the next Presiding Bishop committee or a different one?


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