Thursday, August 25, 2005

Odds and Ends 

Both of the baseball games I went to were excellent games. Chipper's 2 HR night on Monday propelled us to victory and I tomahawk chopped my entire section, but sat down when one Cub fan appeared like he was about to be violent. Honestly...

At Wednesday's game, a seven yeard old girl Cub fan taped a paper napkin to my back inscribed with the message, "Kick me, I'm a Braves fan." I tomahawked her when we won. But, that was all in good fun.

In between the games, I went to my first ever major big concert - Kenny Chesney at the AllState Arena. Pat Green and Gretchen Wilson opened for him, and both of those acts were excellent. Kenny, though, was awesome. He was lowered into the auditorium on a swing while singing "Keg in the Closet", and when he sang out the part about Lambda Chi, he tipped his hat. I tipped my hat back, but I'm not certain he saw me. The whole experience was awesome! When he got to the song, "When the Sun Goes Down", sung as a duet with Uncle Kraker on the album, Uncle Kraker came out to join in the fun, which was cool. Pat Green had his boy on stage with him for the end of his set and Gretchen Wilson made no apologies for being a Redneck Woman. A successful first big major concert I would say.



That amuses me that you went to a Kenny Chesney concert. We are both from the same home town...I remember when he would play his guitar ourside of the city hall and everyone would laugh at him because they thought he was a nuisance. His uncle goes to my mother's church...go figure

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