Monday, August 29, 2005

Introductions: Blogaria Grows 

I've been meaning to add some new blog roll links for a while, but now the new ones have accumulated enough that I can't kep track of them in my head. So, it's forced me to add them. Allow me to make introductions.

Four blogs that I've begun reading I found through the Bloggin' Episcopalians blog ring. They include a new priest ministering in Georgia - Dancing on the Head of a Pin; a Postmodernist faithful on a journey who does cool Q&A type entries - A New Life Emerging; a young Southern woman recently graduated from Case Western who is getting ready to begin seminary at EDS - Ordinary Time; and an Anglo-catholic blogger who may be in seminary, I'm not certain - All Too Common.

Then, even more recently, as in, just now, I found the blogs of three people who I did theatre with at Wake. All of them are graduated and now doing work in various parts of the country/world. Let me introduce three of the funniest guys I know, Scotty (Bringing a Little ATL to Columbus), George (It's Not Rocket Scientist), and Scott T. (Scott or Not), to whom I owe a lot for when he stepped up for me in a great time of need.

And certainly, last, but not least, a fraternity brother of mine and someone whom I feel I did not get to know as well as both I should have and he deserved during our time together in school, artist extraordinaire Brad Abrahams at Virtual Sketches.




Hi. Tahnks for the plug! I will get you linked later. I actually found you via blogging episcopalians!

By Blogger Rick, at 7:07 PM  

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