Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Few Words of Thanks 

I would like to pass along a few words of thanks to those who helped get this new blog design up and running. First and foremost to DawgDays, who helped me get the title banner set with that photo. I had no idea how to do that and he helped me with the code. The picture, by the way, is one I took myself of the ocean off the coast of Vero Beach, where my family has a time share. The two objects you see in the water are the boiler and a mast of a sunken ship off the coast. I've only been out there once, and that was when I was very young and not in snorkeling or scuba gear. In fact, I was on a sinking water tricycle and had to be rescued along with three other members of my family. Wooo...bad memories...

Secondly, to BrotherBeal, who helped me pick out the font for the Title. If you are seeing it display as block lettering, you probably don't have the font, Bradley Hand ITC, installed on your machine.

And last but certainly not least, to all of you faithful readers, particularly those of you who have commented and pointed out little things that needed tweaking. Without your readership, Everyday Faith is not a shared journey, but just my ramblings. Your readership means you are, in some ways, sharing my journey towards an everyday faith with me, and that is important. So, thanks to you.

In the upcoming posts I want to note here, mostly so I don't forget, a few things I want to blog about:

--Looting in the wake of Katrina
--When is it justified to go to war
--Masculine language for God


[Later: A belated thank you to my brother, Brennan, for helping me select a font type for the body of my postings.]


You're most welcome.

If you want, we can embed the title in the graphic so everyone can see it. I'll do this and send you the image.

By Blogger Dawgdays, at 2:35 AM  

Looks great!! Very calming

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:35 PM  

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