Sunday, August 07, 2005

Calamity Touch 

Wherever I went this weekend, disaster struck, or so it seemed. On my way to the train Friday night, I pass an elderly woman that had fallen on the ground while trying to get out of her wheelchair into her car. Her daughter is yelling at a man to come help, I'm assuming the daughter's husband, but he is in no hurry. The woman on the ground is uninjured, and so I lift her and put her in the car.

Then, in Lincoln park, as I am walking down Diversey, I pass a side street where two fire engines, a police car, an ambulance, and a news van have congregated. I take a look down the street just to see what I can see. An enormous oak tree had apparently dry rotted at the base and broke off about a foot from the ground, sending this 50+ foot tall tree crashing into the street crushing cars and houses, and, judging from the ambulance, at least injuring one person.

On my way back home from being out, I am waiting for the Linden bound purple line train at Howard (usually a long wait at night) when two cop cars go buzzing by, lights and sirens blaring. Then, two more. Then, three more. Then, two more marked cars, four unmarked, two fire engines, and an ambulance. They just kept coming. All told, about 30 police cars (no lie), marked and unmarked must have screamed by. It was unbelievable. While I guessed Osama Bin Laden must have been found, of all places, in his Rogers Park residence, another train goer postulated that Dunkin Donuts announced a free donut special for five minutes only. They were going right near the L stop, Howard and Paulina, but I could not see anything. Anyone know what happened for real??

While driving to dinner Saturday night, the car in front of me blatantly runs a red light. In dismay I look up wondering where a cop is when you actually need one. Oh, good, thought I, there is one right there in the south bound lane of Chicago Ave. I mean, this cop was right there, in front of the line of traffic stopped at the stop light. Did the cop turn on her sirens and lights? Did she even make any attempt to pull this person over. No, not at all. Having been the dumbass once who ran a red light and actually managed to hit someone, I know how dangerous and scary that can be and thus, was incensed at this total disregard for that serving and protecting bit. I roll down my window and none too cordially clue her in to what just happened as I drive by. To my further dismay, she is talking on a cell phone. Didn't we just make that illegal in Chicago? My friends with me were worried she was going to pull me over. Oh boy, would I have loved to have that happen!



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