Friday, July 01, 2005

You're Hired; Freebird 

After this time of searching for a job, I finally have landed two. The funny thing is that neither of them were any of the jobs for which I applied. A reader of this blog spoke to her boss, who was in need of some help for a project and so called me. I working now at the United Library (Seabury and Garrett) on a large project - they are shipping tons (literally) of books via a company called Theological Book Exchange to seminaries around the world that cannot afford to buy thier own books. It is my task to box all those books up and move them into the shipping area. When telling a friend this, she asked, "Don't you feel like such a man?" I said, "I suppose. But mostly I feel exhausted and sore." It's good work and the pay is decent.

Then, AKMA called me to see if I would be willing to do some work for the Disseminary, his pet project. I agreed, and so after I finish at the library, I'll begin at the Disseminary. Hooray for work!

Last night, Jeff and I met up downtown in Grant Park to go hear two awesome bands who were giving free concerts for the Taste of Chicago: CCR (minus John Fogerty) and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Man, did that rock!! As you can guess, there were people there of all ages, rocking out. Many were giving active demonstrations on their belief that marajuana should be legal while others were content to simply be drinking beer shirtless, showing off a host of tattoos. The music was great, the bands were having a lot of fun, and I got to hear some of my favorite songs live (though, they did not do "Simple Man", may fav) that I never thought I would get to hear. When the first four notes of "Sweet Home Alabama" sounded, the cheers went up all 'round as Johnny Van Zant declared "the South will rise again!" I looked at Jeff and said, "Sorry Detroit." He responded, "We'll kick your ass!" I humbly said back, "I believe you already did." "Freebird" was the encore, of course and it totally rocked. The whole event was awesome! It's stuff like this that makes Chicago a pretty cool place to be.



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