Saturday, July 16, 2005

Steaks and Scotches 

What a fun and surprising night! Bob, his niece (Andrea) and her husband (Hank), and I all went out to dinner at Pete Miller's, a local fancy steakhouse. The steaks were good, I thought, but certainly not worth the price. Andrea's steak was not cooked properly and had to send it back and Hank's was not to his liking either, but he kept his. Bob's was fine, and mine was a little more done than I would have liked but I did not send mine back either. It was neat to get to know this couple - two more friends I now have in Evanston! Hank is working on his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Northwestern and Andrea is working. They are roughly my age and it will be neat to get to know them more. Both of them love the church, especially high church, and attend St. Luke's when they can, which is rare these days as Andrea works on Sunday mornings. Hank says he doesn't like to go alone, but now he knows me so perhaps he will inclined to come more often. It's not called evangelization if the folks are already baptized members of the Body is it? But, it's getting people through the doors.

After supper, we came back to my apartment for some fine scotches (Bob helped me learn about Scotch), some great conversations, story-telling, and reminiscing. I am meeting them tomorrow morning at Peet's for some coffee before the 10am St. Luke's service, and then we will sojourn there to worship together again. Bob doesn't know this (nor does he read the blog, so I'm safe in saying so), but I decided a while back that I want him to preach at my ordination** to the priesthood. I've been waiting for a good time to ask him, and now that he's here in person, it seems like said good time has arrived. It will be a sermon you'll not soon forget, if you've not heard a Bob McGee sermon before, so if you come to my ordination for nothing else, come to hear Bob preach.

Like I said, earlier, sometimes God just knows when you need a visit from a saint.


[Later: BrotherBeal has pointed out to me that I forgot to write in the asterisked footnote. So, here it is.

** - Ordination dependant upon the will of God.]


I, for one, am glad you cleared that up. I thought for a second you were on some sort of theological steroids and your ordination would be so controversial that folks would be forced to talk about it only in hushed tones. Glad to know that's not true.

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