Monday, July 25, 2005

Rolling Out the Red Carpet 

One of the most unique and successful ministries at St. Luke's is their refugee program. They work with a local organization to locate and bring refugees from war-torn countries to the United States. They have been working in recent months to bring a family over from Liberia - two parents, two children. We've been collecting home furnishings, clothes, and monies to prepare for their arrival, which could be at any time; we wouldn't get much notice. The call came late last week - they would be arriving at O'Hare airport Tuesday evening. That meant we had a very short amount of time to finalize arrangements for their living environment and get everything ready. I spent the afternoon and early evening driving around in a big ole truck to collect all the furniture people wanted to donate and then install it in what will be the family's coach house. They now have two couches, three beds, a microwave, a dishwasher, three desks, two tables, a nice set of chairs, kitchen pots and pans, cooking and eating utensils, bath towels, linens, and a couple of bookshelves. It was good hard work, and each time I began to hear my body groan, I quietly reminded myself why we were doing this. I am going with the group to meet them at the airport tomorrow night and cannot wait to greet them and see thier faces. When they get to their new home, there will be a hot meal waiting for them on their new table. From war, land mines, death squads, mud, homelessness, and fear they will walk into their own, fully furnished coach house where no one is trying to kill them and no war is raging in their streets. I feel honored and humbled to be a part of this and cannot adequately describe how it is affecting me. I suspect, whatever feeling this is, it will increase once we meet them. Tonight, I go to bed in great anticipation, with a smile creeping across my face.



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